Graubünden raclette pans

Graubünden raclette pans
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150 g hulled pearl barley
salted water
50 g walnut kernels
90 g Bündnerfleisch (Graubünden air-dried meat)
600 g raclette cheese in slices
2 tbsp peppermint

Preparation Steps

  1. Toppings
  2. Bring the barley to the boil in salted water and simmer for approx. 25 mins. until soft, then drain and plate up. Dry-roast the walnuts in a non-stick frying pan, remove, plate up. Without adding any oil, fry the air-dried meat in the same pan until crispy, remove and plate up.
  3. Raclette pans
  4. Place the cheese in the raclette pans and melt under a raclette grill for approx. 8 mins. Garnish with mint, season, enjoy with the toppings.


  • 4 persons


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